Workflows in Sharepoint 2007

By now I know some bits about workflows in Sharepoint 2007, but I realize that there is a lot more to workflows than I had ever imagined. I intend to use this post to gather some of the stuff I run into along the way of expanding my knowledge surrounding Workflows. My current experience with workflows are most with the build-in WF in MOSS and a lot of Sharepoint Designer workflows along with some custom actions, but Visual Studio workflows aren’t yet an area of expertise. Hope to change that in the next weeks…

I guess a good way of getting to know more about a certain area of technology is to start reading, so beside all the great blogs out there i bought the book Professional Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Workflow Programming and are looking forward to see how it is.

Technet also offers some reading on the subject with the Workflow Roadmap and below is a list of  Webcast that can be good a good introduction

To get started building workflows with Visual Studio you also need these SDK’s for WSS or MOSS

and of course a development environment, which i can’t help you with, but if you need to build your own MOSS virtual image you might find this helpful.


…more to come…



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