Library Not Registered & Search Settings – Retrieving…

I haven’t quite figured out what caused the problem, but after having used my MOSS development environment for several project i recently got tons of errors and misbehaving.
I had some Office 2003 components installed shortly, but uninstalled them again. Never the less i suspect this to have caused the problem.

The problems was:

  • “Library Not Registered” javascript error on every page (across sitecollections)
  • Dataview errors like not being able to select multiple rows and columns
  • Search Settings error where indexing status kept saying “retrieving…” no matter how long i waited.

Anyway – at the beginning I tried to ignore it, but pretty soon I had to make some changes to the search and was therefore forced to figure out what the problems was.
First of all I installing MOSS SP2 – thinking that if it had been a bug it might be fixed by the Service Pack. No such luck!

I did some extensive Google searching and quickly found out that a lot of moss users had these issues.

This blog by Kerry explains how simply it is:

You need to run the Office Diagnostics Tool found here:

Start  >  All programs  >  Microsoft  Office  >  Microsoft Office Tools  >  Microsoft Office Diagnostics
Start Word  >  Click office icon (to left corner)  >  Word Settings  >  Ressources  >  Diagnose  >  Follow the wizard

The Diagnostics wizard checks 5 areas:

  1. Check for known solutions
  2. Memory diagnostic
  3. Compatibility diagnostic
  4. Disc Diagnostic
  5. Setup Diagnostic

First 4 areas took only a few seconds, but Setup diagnostic took ages and I had to locate a lot of MSI packages for MOSS, WSS and Search in both English and for any additionally language packs you might have (in my case Danish)

When tho wizard is done I closed Word, closed IE and restarted the machine, and all my problems where gone. No script error, dataview works fine again and search settings show how many items i have.
Tears of joy!


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