HTC Touch Pro 2 and TomTom Navigator Bluetooth problem

I finally had TomTom Navigator installed on my HTC Touch Pro 2 after having upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5 (Read more on that here)

A few days later I needed to make a phone call on my way home from work and just started the bluetooth so I could connect my headset….

“Bluetooth cannot start”!?!

A what! – I had never seen this message before and initially had no idea that it had any connections with the TomTom installation. After a few minute on google it became clear that TomTom and Windows Mobile could result in some complications – like Bluetooth not working – dammit!

Well – not long after, I figured it out and here is what I did – it worked on my phone

  1. download and install Resco Explorer (
  2. Find the files BTTrayCE.exe, BtSdkCE30.dll and BtCoreIf.dll – located under \Windows\
  3. Rename all of them to ex. BTTrayCE_old.exe, BtSdkCE30_old.dll and BtCoreIf_old.dll – (you can also delete the files)
  4. Delete BTTrayCE.exe from \windows\start
  5. Restart your phone (The files renamed at step 3 are copied from ROM at startup)
  6. Create a shortcut to BTTrayCE.exe at \windows\start so the correct BTTrayCe.exe are loaded automatically the next time you restart
  7. Restart your phone again or just start BTTrayCE.exe manually
  8. You should now be able to start bluetooth from the Comm Manager
  9. And TomTom still works fine

Let me know if you have problems


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  1. #1 by Mario Saraylian on April 3, 2010 - 6:43 am

    Hello Soren:

    I am having this exact same problem that you made this page for and I was quite relieved when I saw it in my Google searching. I am having a few problems still.

    In My Device\Windows: I have two files named BTTrayCE One is 688K, one is 26B. The file names are identical. Additionally, I cannot rename these files if I click and hold or go to the Menu at the bottom right of the File Explorer.

    Second issue, I renamed BtSdkCE30.dll and BtCoreIf.dll as you wrote above. I then deleted the version of BTTrayCE.exe from the \Windows\Startup menu and rebooted the phone. I noticed that the files I renamed were re-created at startup, but what do you mean by create a shortcut into the \windows\Starup folder? The file BTTraCE.exe I deleted in that directory was gone.

    I still cannot turn on Bluetooth unless I uninstall TomTom Navigator 7 and also re-flash the ROM for the entire phone.

    I am using TomTom Navi 7 with a HTC Touch Pro 2 also.

    If you can offer some help I would appreciate it!

    Thank you!


    • #2 by Søren on April 6, 2010 - 7:43 am

      Hi Mario

      The two BTTrayCE are respectively the program and a shortcut to the file. So 688KB is the file version and 26 B is the shortcut. Regarding renaming you should use Resco File explorer. Hold down the stylus on the file, select File and select Rename. This should work.

      When creating a shortcut you hold the stylus on the file (using Resco File explorer) and then selects Send To -> Start Menu as Shortcut. Then navigate to Start menu folder My device\Windows\Start menu\ Programs and cut/paste the shortcut (BTTrayCe) and move it to My Device\Windows\Start

      When rebooting your Touch Pro 2 the BTTrayCE program should start up automatically

      I hope this helps

      Søren Bjerre

  2. #3 by Mario Saraylian on April 7, 2010 - 10:16 pm

    Soren your fix worked perfectly!!! I have a new problem however I wanted to ask you about: Do you have any tips to increase the start up time after a reset/boot up? It takes longer than usual to load HTC Touch Flo and get to the home screen with the clock etc. Just before the Touch Flo home screen loads, it hangs a bit and lags at the background that you usually see when you go to the Start Menu, and the silver HTC lettering is at the center of the screen. After the Touch Flo home screen loads and I see the clock etc. it still takes a while to start up because the task menu at the top right corner (to close programs) is still not present. Then it eventually does load.

    This might sound crazy, but I recently did a hard reset to get rid of a lot of junk and it worked fine. After I loaded TomTom Navigator 7 I started seeing this problem. Someone on the Tmobile forums said that another reason is that TouchFlo loads all the music & photos you have when it is loading at start up. They said to un check the music tab and photos tab on HTC touch flo. Do you think TomTom might have to do with it?

    Any tips would be appreciated!

    • #4 by Søren on April 8, 2010 - 8:45 am

      Hi Mario
      Nice to hear that it worked. I’m sorry to tell you that i haven’t got any idea on how to make your device faster on startup. If it’s any consolation i’m having the same problem.
      All in all i feel that Windows Mobile 6.5 takes on a lot more memory then 6.1 did, and are not very good in releasing memory after programs has been closed. I googled this issue and found that a lot of people out there experienced the same after upgrading from WM6.1 to WM6.5. I haven’t had the time to look more into it but I guess memorymanagement isn’t something that can be twisted a hole lot, so perhaps we just have to live with it. Maybe WM7 will be able to handle memory with more success.
      Kindly regards

      Søren Bjerre

  3. #5 by Hindrik on April 28, 2010 - 2:10 am

    Hi, I deleted the 3 files and and after a reboot made a shotcut of BTTrayCE.exe to the start folder. Only thing is i still cant enable bluetooth and i’m still getting an error at startup. Is there something i could have done wrong?

    Kind regards,


    • #6 by Søren on October 7, 2010 - 12:28 pm

      Hi Hendrik,
      I’m sorry to say that I cannot help you with that. I sold my HTC Touch Pro 2 and bought a HTC Desire running Android a few months ago, so I haven’t got the hardware to tests this issue.
      Hope you figure something out.

      Kindly regards
      Søren Bjerre

  4. #7 by max on October 7, 2010 - 9:01 am

    The same problem here with Touch 2. The solution was the same,it worked for me.

  5. #8 by Raymond Akabi-Davis on May 8, 2011 - 1:59 am

    Hello Mario,
    It’s May 2011, more than a year ago since you wrote, “HTC Touch Pro 2 and TomTom Navigator Bluetooth problem”. By chance I was lucky to find the writeup after googling scores of others which only gave a remedy of sending it back to the manufacturers, flashing the ROM, hard setting my Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 T7380 amongst other solutions, all which proved failures, so I didnt bother.

    But, still, after more than a year ago you have still made one man happy.Installed Tom Tom on my system and Bluetooth shut down. Nothing I could do got rid of the offending and frustrating msgs, not to mention bluetooth incapability. I just followed steps 1-5 and as soon as I restarted my phone, bluetooth came on.

    Thanks so much for leaving that Post and not deleting it and I hope it will help a lot more Bluetooth trouble shooters.

    Thanks a lot.
    Can now go back to trouble shooting the phone’s sluggishness and occasional freezing.


  6. #9 by Raymond Akabi-Davis on May 8, 2011 - 2:01 am

    Sorry Søren,
    The previous comment from me was meant for you.

    Well Done!!!


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