Android apps

Among those thousands of Android appz out there, there surely are a lot of…let be honest…crap. But there are also a few appz that really stands out and are worth mentioning.

I’ve listed some of the appz that I found useful and thought I would share it.

Tiny DVR – IP Cameras viewer
Very cool app that lets you view live images from your webcam

ES File Explorer
This app lets you browse your SD card, File server (Shares), FTP Server. 

ES Task manager
This app lets you control running application and you can kill them all to save some battery

Mobisle Notes
This app serves as a To do lists, where you can write your notes, email them and so on.

You hear some music on the radio and thinks “Nice – I wonder who this is?” Then you just turn on Shazam and it will tell you who all you need to know about artist, track, album and links to youtube and so on. Amazing app.

If you have a Dropbox account this app lets you access all your files directly from your Android phone.

Endomondo sports tracker
Very cool app that tracks your movement (running, cycling, walking) and stores it into your app. You can then access it via the web also at where you can see all your statistics and Google maps to display your routes.

Angry Birds
An incredible relaxing games where you throw (Angry) Birds at the pigs who have stolen all your eggs. I’ve already completed all stages so please make some new 🙂

Speed HUD
Simple/advanced Speed app that shows.. well… your speed. It can also track your movement and send a generated kml file via mail so you can se your route om google earth. If your driving at nite you kan reverse to display, place it on the dashboard and watch the speed reflect on the windshield (HUD = Heads Up Display)

 Wifi analyzer
Simple app that can be useful for finding available wifi connection, test signal strengh, analyze channels nearby and so on.

I hope you find som e of this useful.

I’ll continue to add more apps to this list as i found them.

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