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HTC Touch Pro 2 and TomTom Navigator Bluetooth problem

I finally had TomTom Navigator installed on my HTC Touch Pro 2 after having upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5 (Read more on that here)

A few days later I needed to make a phone call on my way home from work and just started the bluetooth so I could connect my headset….

“Bluetooth cannot start”!?!

A what! – I had never seen this message before and initially had no idea that it had any connections with the TomTom installation. After a few minute on google it became clear that TomTom and Windows Mobile could result in some complications – like Bluetooth not working – dammit!

Well – not long after, I figured it out and here is what I did – it worked on my phone

  1. download and install Resco Explorer (
  2. Find the files BTTrayCE.exe, BtSdkCE30.dll and BtCoreIf.dll – located under \Windows\
  3. Rename all of them to ex. BTTrayCE_old.exe, BtSdkCE30_old.dll and BtCoreIf_old.dll – (you can also delete the files)
  4. Delete BTTrayCE.exe from \windows\start
  5. Restart your phone (The files renamed at step 3 are copied from ROM at startup)
  6. Create a shortcut to BTTrayCE.exe at \windows\start so the correct BTTrayCe.exe are loaded automatically the next time you restart
  7. Restart your phone again or just start BTTrayCE.exe manually
  8. You should now be able to start bluetooth from the Comm Manager
  9. And TomTom still works fine

Let me know if you have problems


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