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Funny call from Microsoft Support

Just thought I would share this.

I have recently been phoned by someone who claims to be from Microsoft Support Center, and telling me that they can se that my computer is infected with spyware and are running slow. The first time they called I didn’t have much time and since I was pretty sure it was a scam I waived them of when they could come with a believable story on how they could see info on how my laptop was running.

Yesterday they called again and I became curious on where it would go if I played along so I went on with there little scam and did what they told me… at the beginning at least… 🙂

First of all the english speaking (with indian accent) lady assured me several times that she would help me get my windows pc clean of spy and malware and first of all had me go to c:\windows\inf folder (this folder contains driver information). She told me that if there was more than 10 folders I was infected with spy and malware –  I played along and asked how we could get rid of this…

She assured me again that she could help me and went on at had me open the eventlog where i should be looking for errors and warning. All the reds (Errors) where Malware and all the Yellow (Warnings) where Spyware she told… come on – but ok, a lot of people might believe this. i sounded amazed and keep asking how we could get rid of this.

So now we finally got to something interesting where they would help me removed all this Spyware and Malware.

I should simply go to where you get redirected to LogMeIn 123  -Remote Support









By that time i pretty much knew where this were going and asked her if she really believed I was going to let her access my computer remotely. For the first time since I picked up the phone she didn’t say much for at least 4 seconds and by then se told me that she would get her support supervisor so that he could help me. So then I spoke to another dude asking me if I could enter my 6-digit code… I told him I didn’t have any 6-digit code and even if I did I was perfectly aware of what LogMeIn is used for and I has no intention of letting anyone who has called me up and telling me that they has information on my system running slow due to Malware and Spyware, access my computer and that he must be crazy to think that I would.

He hung up…

So let this be a reminder for those of you to recieve unwanted calls for these guys.

If you haven’t contacted some kind of support, there is no reason to beleive that stranger calling you should have any information on how your computer is running.
You should never let someone you don’t know access your system by any means – LogMeIn, TeamViewer etc.

Have i nice day





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